Rhinoplasty in London

Rinoplastia LondonOne of the most demanded cosmetic surgery treatments in the city of Madrid is rhinoplasty. That surgical procedure that involves improving the back, tip and/or nostrils in order to modify the size and shape of the nose.

An operation that can be carried out through two techniques, one open and one closed, the latter being the most common since it allows to act anywhere on the nasal surface in search of beautifying the nose without leaving any scars after the intervention.

In both cases it is common to perform it under general anesthesia or sedation, depending on the complexity of the rhinoplasty to be performed. It will therefore be the specialist who, after a first consultation, tells you what is the best option, both at the technical level and at the level of anesthesia, for your specific case.

In addition to aesthetic purposes, many patients come to plastic and aesthetic surgery clinics to achieve functional improvements aimed at improving their quality of life. A good example of this is septoplasties or interventions performed on the nasal septum. An operation capable of completely ending various breathing problems that often affect people who have deviated septum.

It is common for many patients to take advantage of septoplasty and combine it with a rhinoplasty. A combined operation known as rhinoseptoplasty and which, in addition to eradicating breathing difficulties, allows the person who submits to it to mold their appearance of the nose to taste.

Rhinoplasty operations can affect only the soft parts and nasal cartilage or also incorporate the bony parts. In the case of the former, they allow to raise and tune the tip of the nose, narrow its base and/or raise it, reduce the size of the holes and fix the direction of the tip.

In the case of the latter, in addition to the modifications mentioned above allow to narrow the shape of the nose, reduce the easel and eliminate the nasal hump. In cases where the nose is blocked by a congenital malformation or as a result of a deviation from the septum, the solution will be to combine the complete rhinoplasty with the septoplasty.


As for the time of operation of a complete rhinoplasty, it is usually not delayed beyond two hours, requiring a single day of hospitalization after which the patient will be reviewed by the medical team that has treated him before sending him home within 24 hours of the operation.

It will be there when you start a simple and painless recovery that will last between three and seven days after which you will begin to see how little by little your nose begins to deflate and show you the new look behind your rhinoplasty.

And the final results will not come until after two weeks of the intervention, when at last you will be able to see in the mirror your new and renewed nose.

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