Lifting in London

Lifting, also known as ritidectomy or facelift is a surgical intervention that aims to improve the appearance of the face and neck by eliminating any aging mark. And it is that through this operation it is possible to recover the skin tone and points of light, eliminate all kinds of facial reliefs and achieve a vital and lasting rejuvenated look.

While the reasons that lead more and more people from London to undergo a facelift are very varied, the truth is that most patients seek to improve their appearance through intervening different areas:

In the first place, they seek to eliminate wrinkles, crow’s feet and skin grooves. Something that is possible through a facelift, as it allows to eliminate the wrinkles of the forehead, temples, eyebrows, cheeks and any nook on the face.

It is also common for many of those who choose to undergo a lift to seek to reposition their cheeks and temples, raising them, as well as removing all the folds of the neck and face.


In addition to the complete lifting, there are different types of lifting that act on localized problems.


It acts on the forehead and eyebrows ending wrinkles, falling eyebrows and the tired appearance of the face typical of the passage of time. It is often combined with other interventions such as blepharoplasty.


It acts on the area of the cheekbones by raising them, projecting volume and ending each and every one of the unpleasant Nasogenian grooves.


It acts on the jaw area through the removal of those known as jowls that both affect the gesture. In addition, over the years it is common for marionette lines to appear that sadden the face. It is often combined with liposuction of cervical fat.


It acts on the cervicals, a place where a lot of adipose tissue accumulates with which it can end up through this intervention. This operation also allows to act on the elasticity of the neck, which allows to end different cervical problems.

As for the duration of the lifting, the full facelift usually extends no later than three hours, the postoperative being the simplest, since, after a night of admission, the patient leaves the hospital to begin his recovery of only a few days at home.

Something more extensive is the cervicofacial lift, which usually lasts between three and four hours. As with the facelift, after one night admitted the patient is discharged and begins with a recovery of a few days after which this will check the goodness of an intervention layer of ostensibly rejuvenate the face of anyone with results without scars and for life.

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