GLUTEAL AUGMENTATION operation in turkey


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The shape of the buttocks varies according to the bone skeleton of each person, the genetic inheritance being the determining factor. Many people have wide and flat buttocks with which they are not comfortable. It is in those cases when it is recommended to book a gluteal operation in which, through the injection of fat from other parts of the body in the upper and middle parts of the buttocks, gets the shape of the buttocks radically modified.

The injection of medium fat is usually between 300 and 800cc per glute, taking this fat from the aspirate one in other areas of accumulation of fatty tissues. In many cases, as a consequence of weight loss, a second intervention may be required, which can be avoided by combining this operation with the injection of mesenchymal stem cells.


  • Surgery lasts 2 hours average
  • General anesthesia is used
  • Patient stays in the hospital for two days
  • The stay in Turkey lasts between 5 and 6 days in total
  • After the operation, a special corset must be used for 3 weeks
  • Final results will become visible in 6 weeks
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